AKR Land Development continuously develops luxurious and elegant properties at new heights, with with a portfolio that includes resorts, residences, city, superblock and commercial parks. Our motto Inspiring Innovation, Exciting Life represents our purpose of improving the quality of life.

Welcome to Kawanua Emerald City, a prestigious residential area fit for your luxurious lifestyle and the place to call home. Located at the grandest satellite city in Manado, North Sulawesi, it carries luxury and elegance as a common thread that is true to all AKR Land developments across the nation.

Each facility is planned and built to support the life you have planned and built for yourself and your loved ones: a hospital and a jogging track to ensure everyone’s wellbeing, a school and a children playground for their growth, and a community space where residents can connect with each other.

An array of precious establishments are enclosed within reach at AKR Grand Kawanua International City: an 18-hole Golf Club House, Grand Kawanua Citywalk, Novotel Manado Golf Resort and Convention Center, Transmart Kawanua, a wedding chapel and the Coral Triangle Initiative.

All in all, Kawanua Emerald City is a harmony between luxurious living, the preservation of nature and a valuable investment not to be missed.





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